In a villa inLove island“One of the posts is 25-year-old Angela Dauchak. She has a lot of experience managing a social media account, and therefore – also a huge fan following. Instagram has more than 180,000 followers. Angelica usually posts pictures in bold style there, snapshots. From filming and flight, but we noticed that in the old photos it is not exactly the same from the program.

Love Island. Angela is a newcomer. She had a store but “Something went wrong”

Angela has changed from “Love Island” a lot

Angela joined the “Love Island” villa a few weeks ago. As it’s becoming more and more popular with viewers, we have checked what it looks like in the past. It is no secret that she underwent plastic breast surgery and her lips got enlarged. However, her Instagram photos indicate that these aren’t the only corrections she’s made.

Three years ago, it looked very different than it does today. Of course, she was younger at the time and had braces on her teeth, but the difference is really big. We might be tempted to say that the girl has not looked like herself in years. See for yourself. Here Angela may not have undergone any beauty treatments yet.

The following photo shows clearly enlarged lips. Despite this, his appearance still differs from what he presents on the show today.

Love islandLove Island. Another person is crying because of Masik. Should production be responsive?

Do you think it is about improving your beauty or has it changed with age?

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Gossip circle. Igor Sobkovsky – participant of the program “Love Island”

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