Health Secretary Matt Hancock is facing the wrath of MPs over coronavirus testing failures as he confirms new lockdown restrictions for northeast England.

In a statement to the House of Commons, he will announce a ban in the region on communicating with people from different families, a 10 pm curfew for bars and restaurants and the imposition of travel restrictions.

But the Northeast MPs, who briefed the Minister of Health Nadine Dorries, about 22, said that the lack of tests in the region is the reason for the new restrictions.

“It has added to the comic way the government has handled this matter. The issue in the Northeast needs to be addressed as the numbers are increasing but testing in the Northeast is a mess,” Kevan Jones, a Labor MP for North Durham, told Sky News.

The New lockdown rules in the Northeast Applications will be submitted in Newcastle, Northumberland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Gateshead, Durham County and Sunderland, after a spike in injuries in the region.

According to Sky News data, the two-week infection rate per 100,000 in the seven local authority areas facing new restrictions are:

  • Sunderland: 155.7
  • South Tyneside: 155.1
  • Gateshead: 139.7
  • Newcastle 116.3.2007
  • North Tyneside: 85
  • Durham County: 70.2
  • Northumberland: 47.1

Other restrictions in northeast England likely include people who are required not to travel on vacation with other families and sports fans who are advised not to attend the games.

It is also possible that only primary visitors will be able to visit nursing homes, and with the exception of essential excursions, public transport use and car sharing will be discouraged at peak times.

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Prior to Hancock’s statement, Newcastle City Council Chairman Nick Forbes tweeted on Wednesday: “Some additional temporary restrictions are being planned to prevent another full shutdown.

“We are awaiting confirmation from the government on the final version of the regulations, and I expect an announcement from the Minister of Health at 11 am tomorrow.”

The crackdown comes in the Northeast as the Welsh government piles Ronda Sinon Taff In South Wales it is under local lockdown from 6pm, after more stringent measures were taken in Birmingham and the West Midlands earlier this week.

And in Bolton, the city with the worst infection rate in the UK, officials say the prime minister should have seen Increased demand for tests at.

“It’s a really worrying time, and we really had to expect that this time would be the time when there would be a surge,” Donna Hall, the town’s public health director, told Sky News. “For me, it’s not a demand issue, it’s an issue of supply and system administration.”

The head of the government’s testing system, Tory counterpart Baroness Harding, will face tough questions about the test Thursday from the all-party science and technology committee, headed by former Conservative government minister Greg Clark.

You will face allegations that schools will be closed without more Corona Virus Tests and that thousands of teachers are already forced to stay home due to lack of exams.

It was Mr Clark, when Boris Johnson was appearing before the Liaison Committee of Senior Members of Parliament, who questioned the Prime Minister about the ability to test for the Coronavirus.

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“Do we currently have sufficient testing capacity available?” Asked the prime minister.

Johnson replied, “The short answer to that is: No, we don’t. Let’s not suspect there has been a massive increase in testing capacity.”

Then Mr. Clark asked when the capacity would be available and he was told, “We will reach 500,000 by the end of October.”

Mr Clark asked him if that was enough to meet the expected demand at the time. The prime minister replied, “Well, we sincerely hope so.”

Then Mr Johnson was asked about another national lockdown and he replied, “I don’t want a second national lockdown.

“I think it would be totally wrong for this country and we will do everything we can to prevent that.

“Can we afford it? I very much doubt the financial consequences would not be catastrophic at all.”