a woman Spend £ 1 million a year on Harrods She will be forced to give up her £ 15m home unless she reveals the source of her wealth following the first McMafia-style investigation in the UK of “dirty money”.

Zamira HajiyevaThe wife of a former president of the State Bank of Azerbaijan, who was imprisoned for fraud, lost her final appeal against a court order that forced her to reveal how she arrived with such huge funds.

If you do not comply, the British citizen a crime The agency would be able to confiscate property worth £ 22m, including her home in Knightsbridge, central London and the Berkshire Golf Course, worth £ 11m.

The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it had rejected Hajiyeva’s appeal against the unjustified wealth order issued against her by the National Crime Agency. Indeed, Hajiyeva failed to persuade the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court to revoke the order that was secured in 2018.

This was an important and important finding in establishing unjustified wealth orders as a powerful tool for financial investigations. This was the first UWO to be secured and the NCA was identified by the many legal challenges it has faced over the past two years, said Graeme Biggar, Director General of the NCA’s National Center for Economic Crime This status will set a useful precedent for future UWO cases.

“There are no other ways for Mrs. Hajiyeva to contest the order. She will now be required to provide the NCA with the information we are seeking regarding these assets.”

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Hajiyeva made headlines last year when the Guardian and other media outlets won a lawsuit they were forced to publish. Spending habit. It was revealed that she spent more than £ 16 million in Harrods alone between 2006 and 2016. It appears that it handled the department store as its flagship store, spending £ 24,000 on tea and coffee, and £ 10,000 on fruit and vegetables. And £ 32,000 for Godiva Chocolates.

It also spent £ 4.9 million on Boucheron and Cartier jewelry and £ 300,000 on French fashion brand Celine. An additional £ 251,000 was spent in the games section and tens of thousands on Disney princess experiences at the Babydy’s Bobbidi Boutique.

Hajiyeva denies wrongdoing and her lawyers have said the case against her husband is politically motivated.