Matilda: Musical will premiere later this year. For now, we’re curious about the trailer and the promising role of Emma Thompson.

who was busy in childhood in The book “Matilda” British writer Roald Dahl Or you watched a movie of the same name directed by Danny DeVitoWhich, moreover, appeared in it, now has reasons to be happy. It turns out that we still only remember this heroine and have a great fondness for her. The novel will be available soon Next screen And the We owe it to Netflix. We can already see the first trailer, which not only reveals the new idea of ​​this movie, because this time it will be rock music, but most of all it shows the cast.

The first trailer for “Matilda: Musical”. It shows that although we’ll see this story in a completely new version, it still has a lot in common with the prototype. It remains an inspiring story about an extraordinary girl who discovers her supernatural strength and, against all odds, summons extraordinary courage to help others change their destiny, while taking control of her own story. In her defense of what is right, she was positively surprised by the results. The film is not only based on Roald Dahl’s 1988 novel “Matilda”, it is also based heavily on the 2010 Tony Award winning theater production “Matilda: A Musical”. However, history, regardless of whether we know it from a book, a movie from 1996, or just from the version that was shown on stage, does not change.

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We’ll be getting to know the famous heroes once again thanks to a new cast. Attention is drawn not only in this Emma Thompson as such Miss Trunchpool. Stephen Graham And the Andrea Riseborough They will play the neglected daughter of Matilda’s parents, and take on the roles Rhea Perlman And the Danny DeVitowho also directed and produced the 1996 adaptation with Mara Wilson championship. This time you will give us this heroine Elisha Ware. while Miss honeywho previously impersonated Embeth Davidtztook over Lashana Lynch. The trailer is an additional opportunity not only to meet new actors, but also to get acquainted with the concept of the creators.

Emma Thompson is really good at playing bad guys, and she seems to feel good in such roles. Until recently, a cruel baroness was in the “CrowleyShe will play the villainous Miss Trunchbull in Matilda: The Music. Is there a villain Emma Thompson couldn’t play? Perhaps she has not said the last word on this subject yet, and we will see more than once that she has mastered this art to perfection.

This time, the actress took on the role of the school principal, whose goal is to eliminate independent thinking among primary school students. Exceptionally gorgeous and talented Matilda, played by “Darklands” star Alisha Weir, is no exception. The only role model for the title character is Miss Honey, who encourages her to use her imagination and be curious against Miss Trunchbull’s approach to getting rid of all the rebels from Crunch Hall.

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Announcing the premiere of “Matilda: Musical” in Great Britain and Ireland on December 2. We will wait longer. According to the information that can be seen at the end of the Polish trailer, we will be able to see the new mod during the holiday season.