Staromestská Street, a high-speed car artery along the famous SNP bridge, a section of central Bratislava in the 1970s. Today, the city plans to create a more pedestrian-friendly space. There are plans to build 200 square meters that will cover the artery.

Bratislava plans to create a new green square covering the busy Staromestska Street. Today it is one of the busiest streets in the capital of Slovakia, and leads along a stretch of embankment marked by the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) with a nave-shaped tower.

The new space for residents will be built from Rodnaya Square through the district of St. Martin to the defensive walls in the vicinity of the Northwest Tower. This would create a square above the street, 218 meters long and 20 meters wide. According to the assurances of city representatives, the planes will connect the old town and restore the lost public space here. There will be plenty of green space (3700 m², 23 large trees), playgrounds, and places for exercise and meetings. There will also be a small amphitheater and 30 seats in Bratislava. The new space will also help calm the neighborhood by dampening the noise of the busy street below by 14 decibels.

A brave city can overcome the mistakes of the past. An important communication artery section relentlessly Castle Hill with Podgrodzie and the historic city centre, causing one of Bratislava’s biggest casualties. But there is a cure for it. We are certainly neither the first nor the last city to have dealt similarly with the mistakes of the past, in this case relating to road traffic, as confirms Matisse Valau, Mayor of Bratislava.

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From Židovska Street (from Zámocka Street), pedestrians will descend directly into the courtyard of St. Martin. There will be more views of the city from a new perspective. There will be four entrances through the walls. The architects suggested placing the factory on a separate bearing structure that would not be attached to the historic walls.

The Plantypark is part of a larger city concept that includes the creation of a pedestrian ring around the city centre, similar to Vienna’s Ringstraße. The idea of ​​the rink dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, when in the cities of Central Europe, inner-city neighborhoods were created, which were to be a masterpiece of this place.

The Factory project is part of the Living Places programme, which aims to modernize and improve long-term neglected public spaces in Bratislava. The project is being implemented by four Slovak architectural studios – Studený Architekti, Ľubomír Závodný studio, Peter Stec Studio and Terra Florida.