The multiplex, on which TVP World and Belsat TV will appear before the end of May, covers Vilnius and its surroundings (مناطقwięciański, Šalčininkai and Vilnius regions), and their total number reaches more than 20 percent. Residents of Lithuania.

Four channels from Telewizja Polska are already on the multiplier: TVP Vilnius, TVP Info, TVP Historia 2 and TVP Polonia.

Furthermore it TVP has obtained a license from the Lithuanian regulator LRTK to broadcast six channels on the second multiplier nationwide, which covers two-thirds of the population of Lithuania. The broadcaster informs that he is working with the technology partner to launch TVP Vilnius, TVP Info, TVP Historia 2, TVP Polonia, TVP World and Belsat TV there.

On the other side The biggest Lithuanian cable TV channel will have TVP World and TVP Info on its show in the coming weeksThey will be available in midi and maxi packages. The operator already offers two other Polish television stations: TVP Wilno and TVP Polonia.

– The launch of new channels from Telewizja Polska in Lithuania – in particular TVP World and Belsat TV will allow all viewers of this country to get acquainted with the Polish and regional view of events in the Three Seas region and around the world – announces Mateusz Maticeszkowicz, Board Member of Telewizja Polska.

– Polish television wants to reach, by showing its programs, not only the Polish diaspora, but also the entire population of Lithuania, believing that it is worth noting the good heritage of cooperation. The presence of TVP channels in Lithuania is a guarantee of careful provision of information for the sake of truth and compliance with reality, in contrast to the propaganda spread by the Russian and Belarusian media – adds Matiszkovich.

TVB World Station Broadcasting since November 2021. In addition to Polish cable networks, it can be viewed with operators in the United States and Great Britain. From the beginning of this year. Seven broadcasters and two editors said goodbye to the channel, TVP told that the changes were “made with the continuity of broadcasting in mind”.

Belsat TV has been operating since the end of 2007, reports on events in Belarus, and displays content in Belarusian and Russian. The channel is jointly funded by the State Department.

12 TVP channels on Polish radios

Telewizja Polska broadcasts in our country a total of 12 channels on terrestrial television (not including doubles in HD and programs of regional branches TVP).

MUX-3 (They streamed TVP1 HD, TVP2 HD, TVP3, TVP Info HD, TVP Historia, TVP Sport HD), MUX-5 (TVP 3 Warsaw HD, TVP Kultura HD, TVP Entertainment HD, TVP Dokument HD, TVP Female HD ) and in some regions MUX-6, which broadcasts the same MUX-5 stations. TVP channels are also on MUX-1 (TVP ABC) and MUX-8 (TVP Woman, TVP Kultura HD).

Last year Telewizja Polska reported revenue of PLN 3.89 million (of which PLN 2.042 billion is from RTV subscription and compensation) and the net result was positive.