Permanent security and peace for Poland, this is the essence of today’s announcement by Joe Biden, which certainly did not escape Vladimir Putin – this is how the US ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski, spoke about strengthening the US military presence in Poland on TVN24. He also revealed what he spoke with President Joe Biden during an hour-long face-to-face meeting.

president Joe Biden On Wednesday, he announced the strengthening of the US military presence in Europe. Among the actions they will take United StateThe permanent command of the US Fifth Corps will be established in Poland.

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The US ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski, was a guest on TVN24 on Wednesday afternoon. The message is that Poland is safe and secure. We have always wished that the word “constant” would be added to the presence of our troops in Poland. This is the first permanent American force on the East Wing For thisand lasting peace and security for Poland. This is exactly the gist of President Biden’s speech today. She has not escaped anyone in NATO, he said, and certainly has not escaped Putin.

– You have to ask yourself: When did Putin attack Ukrainehe wished Sweden And Finland will join NATO? Was he hoping for a permanent US military presence in Poland? All these great steps announced by the United States and NATO are a huge and colossal strategic defeat for Putin. He wanted to make history. will pass. As a strategic failure – emphasized Brzeziński.

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Brzezinski: Putin’s announcement certainly did not escapeTVN24

Brzezinski: The Poles are an example for the whole world. President Biden wanted me to pass it on

He also stated that last week he “talked face to face with President Biden for an hour.” – The President wanted to know more about the wonderful reaction on the part of Poland, on the part of the Poles, to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. He wanted to know where this reaction of the Poles came from. Brzeziński said that the Poles are an example to the whole world and wanted me to convey this message.

– Mr. President, I said, this is the new 1939 for the Poles. These are young people, Poles, Poles who are doing what previous generations wanted to do. Resist the aggressor, resist the attack, and say: You will not eliminate these people, and you will not eliminate them. They will live under our roof – added the ambassador.

Full Conversation with Ambassador Brzezinski

Full Conversation with Ambassador BrzezinskiTVN24

Brzezinski: This is also a very important signal to Putin

Earlier, Brzezinski also spoke about strengthening the US military presence in Poland during a press statement. – We never used the word “fixed” before when we talked about our forces here. This applies to the matter in Poznan. This is a very important signal to our allies, especially the Poles, but also to others, regarding Poland’s critical geostrategic importance to NATO security, especially in the eastern domain, he said. Currently in Poznan there is an advanced command post for the American Fifth Corps, the same center whose entire crew will now be permanently transferred to Poland.

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– It’s also a message to Putin. In the words of President Biden, he added: We will defend every inch of NATO territory.

Brzezinski continued that President Biden noted that “the Poles deserve protection” and “NATO territories must be protected.” He added that the strengthening of the US presence in Poland “will certainly be noticed in Russia.” – I am proud, Mr. President, that he decided to do it – he admitted.

He also referred to his meeting with Biden. – We talked for a long time about what happened here in Poland. The president asked me many questions about what inspires, and what influences humanitarian actions (in Poles – ed.).

– I said: Mr. President, it is the second year of 1939 for the Poles. President Biden knew exactly what I meant. He concluded by saying that this is the moment when the United States and Poland are working closer to security than ever before.

Main image source: TVN24