Let’s make it clear that Tuesday’s Republican voters were chosen Georgia Their party’s candidates will face Democratic voters in the fall (independent candidates and candidates from other parties in the American system do not play a major role).

The incumbent president has won the Republican primary for governor of Georgia – Brian Kemp.

In turn, he won the state attorney general’s primaries Chris CarrHe also currently holds this position.

Both Kimba and Kara were fiercely fought by the former US Republican President – Donald Trump.

He accused these officials of punishing electoral “fraud” in the state. Kemp and Carr, despite pressure from the then-president, did not dispute the final election results. Trump claimed the election was rigged. However, election complaints were filed in the courts due to a lack of evidence.

Trump promised “revenge” on all Republicans who helped approve the outcome of the 2020 election. Against Kemp, he supported David PerdueAnd against Carr – John GordonWhich of the “stolen” elections made the main theme of his campaign.

However, both Trump candidates lost their primaries.

Moreover, Georgia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs also received a party nomination Brad RavensburgerWho won more votes than the Trump candidate? Judy Hayes. Ravensberger was what Trump did in 2020 with his insistence on “finding votes” in the presidential election. Ravensberger refused.

Now, in the struggle for governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp will face the Democrats’ rising star, the left wing Stacy Abrams. Voters from this state are waiting for a repeat of 2018, when Abrams lost 0.4 percentage points.

After Tuesday night, Donald Trump had at least one reason to be satisfied. One of the most “Trumpists” in her primaries wins a seat in the Georgia House of Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green. Politician Famous for spreading conspiracy theories.

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