According to GBH News, Boston public schools have halted a special program for outstanding students in grades four, five, and sixth of elementary schools. reason? Equality concerns in the program – many of those enrolled in the program are white or Asian children.

Many inequalities have emerged in the epidemic we face

The curator said Brenda Cassilius, Explaining a one-year hiatus in the Advanced Work Classes program.

There is a lot of work that we need to do in the region to be anti-racist and we have a policy that gives all of our students a fair chance to have a fair and excellent education.

– She added.

what is going on? An analysis of the program found that 70 percent of enrolled students are white or Asian, despite 80 percent in Boston. All students are black or Latino.

This is simply unacceptable

Comment on the situation Lorna RiveraMember of the School Committee.

District officials have created a working group to set long-term goals for the program. They are expected to issue their recommendations on this issue in May.

tkwl / GBH News

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