Agnieszka Kotońska is not only one of the most famous characters on “Gogglebox. In front of TV”. For some, this is an inspiration for a change – Kotońska herself has gone through an impressive transformation over the past few years! And what exactly has changed in its appearance over the years, you can see it in the gallery!

The Cockclay Fund. Agnieszka Kotońska has changed beyond recognition!

Agnieszka Kotońska is one of the most famous and popular participants of TTV’s “Gogglebox. In Front of TV”. On the program, Agnieszka poses with her husband Artur and son Dajan. Kotońska is known among other things for their original style, which attracted viewers’ attention during the early seasons of the show, in addition to the subtle and often controversial comments.

Currently, Kotońska is leading the way on Instagram, as she has over 300,000 fans. People who watch her can follow her daily life almost every day, which the 44-year-old is happy to share. She also posts her photos often, so you can see how she has changed over the years!

Watch the show(17 photos)

Under the posts published by Agnieszka, you can see comments from jubilant Internet users.

You have seen all the seasons, how it has changed from start to now, it is full of wonder.

How beautiful you are, you have been wearing such a light blonde for a long time. Now 100 times better!

The big difference a few years ago and today

Among all the heroes of “Gogglebox. In front of the TV” Agnieszka Kotońska underwent one of the most wonderful transformations. The woman lost a lot of weight, changed her hair color, changed her makeup, and now she looks totally different! In the gallery you can see how Agnieszka Kotońska has changed over the years. Are you saying it is she?


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