Despite the fact that smartphones in terms of shape have not undergone any radical development in recent years, a lot has changed in terms of their use. From phones where most things were stored in the internal memory, we moved to devices where a large portion of data is downloaded in real time from various types of computational clouds. This helps in achieving the goal of reducing the need to connect a smartphone with anything. Headphones have become wireless, charging – inductive, and data transmission on a smartphone line has become more convenient over the Internet than via cable. So, step by step, we are getting closer to popularizing phones without any conductor. Another iPhone might just be a device.

Apple is working until the next iPhone doesn’t have any port

If the device does not have any ports, then there is no problem with data transfer, as long as it is fully functional. But what if we want to recover data if it gets corrupted? In the case of gadgets such as the Apple Watch, the manufacturer’s service intervention is required for this, which requires returning the device for a few days and is of course not free. So, if the leaks are to be believed, he is working on a system that allows the user to recover this data from the smartphone himself. So far, the most promising solution is called Internet Recovery. After entering this mode, the iPhone should appear in the associated iTunes account, with which the necessary changes can be made (data removal, update etc.). Engineers were also supposed to consider connecting iPhone to a computer using iTunes over Bluetooth, but the technology proved extremely slow and unstable.

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