The Chargé d’Affairs to the USA in Poland, Becs Alio, has commented on Andrzej Duda’s decision to veto the lex TVN Act. “Thank you, Mr. President Andrzej Dodo, for your leadership and commitment to shared democratic values ​​and the protection of Poland’s investment climate. Together, allies are stronger!”

What is Lex TVN Really?

Let’s remember that even before Christmas, the House Culture and Information Committee unexpectedly dealt with the Senate’s decision to amend the Radio and Television Broadcasting Act, the so-called lex TVN. The surprise meeting of the House Committee aroused great feelings. Opposition deputies objected to the actions of lex TVN. They said they found out about the meeting plan several minutes before it even started. Moments later, the act known as lex TVN was adopted by the House of Representatives. 452 deputies voted. There were 229 in favor, 212 against, and 11 abstaining.

PiS politicians have argued all the time that the law is entirely intentional That the Polish media should not be bought by companies from undemocratic countries such as Russia, China or Arab countries. Therefore, a provision should be introduced into the media law that television and radio stations in Poland should be owned only by the European Economic Area, which includes the European Union countries as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

However, the goal is completely different. If such a law went into effect, it would only affect TVN owned by American Discovery. First, because America does not belong to the European Economic Area. Second – Americans in Poland only own electronic media from outside the European Economic Area. That is why this act is known as anti-TVN or lex TVN act.

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Finally, after twelve or so minutes Andrzej Duda announced his veto against the Lex TVN Act. A presidential veto means that Onet’s findings were confirmed that the controversial amendment to the broadcasting law by the PiS would be stopped by Andrzej Duda.