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The Rocket Science and Technology Club “Invenio” is a recipient of grants from the Science Foundation. I love that. Connects students interested in technology and enthusiasts of rocket technologies. Wheel’s first project is to build two hybrid rocket engines. A static test of the first of them is scheduled for January.

A circle that connects young enthusiasts

The organization was operating for a short time. The club was founded in June in the complex of secondary and technical schools No. 1 in Warsaw. It connects not only the students of the facility, but also the lovers of space and rocket technology from high schools all over Poland. At the moment, the department consists of approximately 90 members. Among them are the winners and finalists of several competitions.

The Rocket Science and Technology Club “Invenio” primarily aims to create a friendly space for its members to develop their interests and implement projects.scientific.This large number of supporters allows for the creation of multidisciplinary project teams. There are also ideas for joint activities. The first project is the construction of two hybrid rocket engines capable of launching the rockets made under the second project – “Orlik”.

“Bieli3K” i „Bieli10K”

Two engines is a well-thought-out movement. The first – “Bieli3K” – is to help identify any potential defects in the chassis. It will also enable static tests to be carried out in compliance with all safety standards. Engine components have already been checked. The static testing of the equipment is scheduled for January 2022.

The second engine – “Bieli10K” – will be an improved version of the first machine and will be adapted to the requirements of the international competitions European Rocketry Challenge and Spaceport America Cup. It will also form the basis of the Orlik missile that the wheel intends to display in both competitions. engine“Bieli10K” will be improved in terms of performance and weight, which will allow it to be used as a propulsion unit for the “Orlik” rocket. This part of the project is scheduled for completion in 2025.

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There are also plans for ‘BieLiQ’

The young team is very ambitious. Wheel has long-term plans to build Poland’s first “BieLiQ” liquid-fueled rocket engine. The drive will be controlled by an onboard computer that supports active engine thrust control algorithms. A missile equipped with such an engine can fly more than 40 kilometers.

Support from science. I love that

Science Foundation. This I like helps gifted students by definition. We want to support Polish youth in talent development. We believe that thanks to their ideas they can change the world. We are happy to support a grantRocket Science and Technology Club “Invenio”, to finance part of the costs of building two hybrid rocket engines. It was possible, inter alia, thanks to Patrons Science. I love that.

Science Foundation Scholarships.  I love that
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