The largest Austrian newspaper, “Krone”, was the first to provide the information. In the course of the future work of the former politician, even the name of the company – Palantir – appeared. As Rzeczpospolita points out, it is a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which has annual revenue in excess of US$1 billion. He specializes in data analysis and security. Its services are mainly used by financial institutions and private services.

In the media, Palantir is touted as the “most obscure big IT company” or “military wing” of Silicon Valley, even though the company’s current headquarters are in Colorado.

Kurtz’s resignation

On October 9, Sebastian Kurz decided to resign as Chancellor of Austria after he and nine other politicians were under police investigation after running services in several centers affiliated with the ÖVP’s conservative People’s Party.

The politician consistently denies allegations that he bought favorable articles in a newspaper with government money.

In early December, Kurtz He announced his departure from politics He resigned from the presidency of the Austrian People’s Party.

The foreign trips of Austrian politicians

Austrians often decided to seek jobs in foreign companies after ending their political career. Most often they ended up in Russian companies. Former Chancellor Christian Kern (Social Democrat from Stick) Russian Railways offer accepted, former Finance Minister Hans Jörg Schilling (ÖVP) became a consultant to Gazprom.

It is also known that the case of Karen Kinsel, the former head of the Ministry of Diplomacy, who was invited by Vladimir Putin to her wedding, was sent to Rosneft. In turn, the former advisor Werner Faymann (SPÖ) working in a consulting firm with lobbyists in the Kremlin.

Another former advisor from SPÖ Alfred Gusenbauer.

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