All in North Korea An anonymous Pyongyang resident told state television that the apparent weight loss of leader Kim Jong Un destroyed him. – People were shocked to see the esteemed Secretary-General look thinner. Everyone said they were moved to tears – he said, as reported Reutersthe man.

However, state television did not provide any details about why the leader lost weight.

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National slavery in North Korea كوريا

Cheating Kim’s hourly weight loss

Given the situation in North Korea, international media, spy agencies and specialists are closely monitoring Kim Jong Un’s health. The North Korean leader had not been seen for nearly a month, and when he reappeared at a public event, the Seoul-based NK News that monitors the country noticed that Kim Jong Un’s watch was more tightly twisted.

Speculation escalated about the North Korean leader’s health after he failed to appear at his late grandfather’s birthday celebration last year.

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