test population Wuhan (Initially pandemic It’s called “Ghost Town”) in nearly 3,000 air-conditioned places. City officials say all residents of Wuhan have been tested, except for children under six and school and university students on vacation outside the city. Mass testing is one manifestation of China’s “zero tolerance” strategy, where the focus is on submission Quarantine Each person is infected and reduce the flow of infected to it virus It can be “brought” from abroad – reports the Associated Press.

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Set fire to vaccination point in Zamos. The Prime Minister announces the results

Wuhan. 11 million people tested for COVID-19

During the mass campaign, tests for COVID-19 were found in 37 people. It also found that 41 people passed the infection without symptoms.

The first cases of COVID-19 in a year were confirmed in Wuhan last week. The patients are seven people who came to work in the city from other places.

after the explosion Epidemic The Chinese authorities coped with their suppression very quickly, imposing a very strict lockdown. However, the delta variant began to spread in the country – after the Nanjing airport employees were infected with it. It was precisely the fear of a new variant, as the Chinese authorities restricted the right of citizens to travel abroad – in order to prevent the “outbreak” of new epidemics. The Chinese cannot leave their country if the trip is not necessary or is not due to an emergency.