“Western Europe regards the Poles as unbearable brats and creating problems in the European Union. Indeed, in many cases, criticism of the Polish government is justified. However, it is hypocritical to judge the Poles by the way they defend themselves against immigrants Directed to the frontier by autocrat Lukashenka, writes Joseph Kellenberger.

The author questions the opinions that the methods used by the Polish authorities are inhumane. He also opposes recognizing the wall to be built on the border as “inhumane”. Belarus.

A common immigration policy is needed

A German journalist wrote: “Europe must recognize that we are all Poles.”

Kellenberger recalls that on Wednesday, 27 people, including women and children, drowned while trying to cross into Great Britain. Their fate, as well as deaths in the Mediterranean or on the Canary Island route, are part of the “daily reality of European asylum policy”. It consists in the formulation of lofty goals, and then the national isolation in practice, notes the commentator.

The coalition, which is about to seize power in Germany, announced a more humanitarian position on the issue of asylum. However, potential reforms will become a problem when they lead to more people moving toward Europe, Kellenberger warns. If the borders remain closed, migranchi They have to trust their fate to the smugglers.

According to the author, the EU should try to create a common migration policy. “It seems like a hopeless task, but you have to try,” Kellenberger concludes pessimistically.

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Yesterday, a group of more than 100 foreigners crossed the border yesterday in the section protected by the border guard post in Białowiea. During the offensive, the Belarusian services blinded the Polish officers and soldiers with lasers and powerful light. Two soldiers of the Polish army were slightly wounded. From another attempt to breach the border, the border guards released a recording: