nvidia Do not hide that the purpose of the AI ​​algorithms that it develops is, among other things, fast construction Realistic picture of the worldSo that it reflects the space around us as much as possible. It sounds strange, but since many think that we live in a simulation, we can lock ourselves in a better state, because it is better suited to our needs.

Artificial intelligence Gauguin It was first introduced in 2019, but followed these two years later Huge technological progress. The new neural network can create realistic images only from a simple drawing or words. He looks charming in a video posted.

Nvidia prides itself on having new capabilities Artificial intelligence GauGAN2 is the result of implementing an AI model based on a generative adversarial network. These are techniques for mapping, completing, and creating images based only on words.

The system was trained in 10 million landscapes. Thanks to this, AI was able to complete images captured in the real world, and even create them from scratch. Nvidia has released a file Test technology. Anyone can play with it using a private browser app. However, you must have a series graphics card RTX.

The company believes that in the near future, GauGAN will quickly and easily create photorealistic images for graphic designers and game designers. The system will help speed up work on projects, and one day they will be able to start using it Create your own virtual reality Based on your preferences and stay at it for the rest of your life.

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