And so Joe Biden referred to his Tuesday video conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the same time, the US President announced that by Friday he will announce the date of the meeting of five NATO countries, including the United States, with Russian representatives regarding Moscow’s “concerns” about the actions of the alliance.

But Joe Biden ruled out this possibility Sending US troops to Ukraine or using unilateral force against Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine. The US President answered reporters’ questions as he left the White House for Marine One’s helicopter. When asked if he would allow US troops to be sent to Ukraine, he replied that this option was “not on the table”:

We have a moral obligation and a legal obligation to our NATO allies with respect to Article 5. This is a sacred obligation. Biden said that commitment does not apply to Ukraine. He also mentioned that during a conversation with the Russian president, he threatened to use sanctions “which he had never seen before”, send additional forces to NATO’s eastern flank and arm Ukraine.

However, it said in the case of the new Russia’s invasion of Ukraine She did not intend to use force “unilaterally” against Russia and added that she would depend on the actions of other NATO members.

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Biden announced that before Friday, he would announce a meeting between representatives of the United States and four other countries in NATO and the Russians devoted to Moscow’s “turmoil” over the alliance. The White House said on Tuesday that Presidents Biden and Putin agreed to hold further talks on the issue at lower levels and using bodies and mechanisms used in the past, such as the NATO-Russia Council.

The US president said the discussions would be devoted to “the future of Russia, its concerns about NATO, and whether we are able to find solutions to lower the temperature on the Eastern Front.”

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