The county of Sussex (UK) has decided to test the Tesla Model 3 as a police car. After nine months of driving, the cops seemed satisfied. There are no problems with driving the car in the long term, and the need to recharge is also not annoying. Operating costs turned out to be minimal.

Tesla Model 3 in uniform

as follows from Describe Sussex Police Officer Max Toze-Hobson, who bought a Tesla Model 3, was defeated More than 320 kilometers of battery life. The average simultaneous driving time is only 7-15 minutes, but there were also longer procedures – The longest lasting more than 4 hours during unfavorable weather.

The additional systems have little effect on the vehicle’s range: three hours of surveillance cameras operate less than a few miles (about 10 kilometres). LED lighting can last for several days. while driving However, they ate a lot of belts with the rooftop “roosters” (high air resistance effect), so it was decided to move it inside the cabin. Their effect was reduced, and at the same time, a lower decrease in the value of the car was achieved due to the absence of holes in the paintwork.

Shipping is not a problem. The policeman mentions a car that has entered service with a range of only 129 kilometers. After just 20 minutes of parking in the Supercharger v3, the car already had 70 percent battery, which allowed for another 5-6 hours of driving while in service. Energy renewal costs less than £20 (equivalent to PLN 108).

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After 16,000 kilometers, the wear of the brake pads was minimal. Tires – as in internal combustion cars – must be replaced after about 12,800 km. With more than 24,000 kilometers, there were only two running costs: tires and brakes. In addition to Tesla does not require annual service visitsWhich translates to a lower cost of ownership (TCO) and short periods of retirement.

The policeman praised the program, but perhaps he was most impressed by the way the car was received by the public. As he put it, it was “amazing” and the media reaction was also positive.

Note from the editors of I really liked the mention of the positive reception of the media and society. Today’s police have a general problem in the image of lying or pacifying women, so after a change of authority, buying a Tesla Model 3 can help them change the perception of uniformed services. Of course it would be better to buy some cars made in Europe…

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