Hundreds of people have descended in central London to protest the mass vaccinations against the Coronavirus.

The event, which was organized by opponents of the lockdown measures, saw skeptics about the Corona virus and so-called “anti-vaccinators” carrying banners and chanting “freedom” in Trafalgar Square.

Some described the Covid-19 pandemic as a “fraud,” while others read: “Protect our rights. There are no forced vaccinations.”

One demonstrator held a placard calling for the dismissal of the government’s scientific advisers, with another declaring Covid-19 a “hoax”.

Demonstrators during an anti-extremism rally in London’s Trafalgar Square (PA)

Organizers sold T-shirts bearing fifth-generation conspiracy theories and advocating legalization of cannabis as a series of speeches were delivered to the crowd.

“We are the resistance,” the organization said, addressing the crowd.

Scuffles broke out between some demonstrators and the police, as officers moved on protesters as they gathered near Nelson’s Column.

Police present at a protest against the reverse clearance in Trafalgar Square, London (PA)

The demonstrators formed human barriers in front of the officers to prevent them from being arrested.

Disagreements erupted between the two sides next to the National Gallery, before the officers, who started chanting and chanting, were pushed by a loud crowd.

Dozens of metropolitan police officers, including some on horseback, moved later in a second attempt to disperse the gathering at Trafalgar Square.

Traffic was stopped as protesters set up a blockade in an attempt to prevent officers from making arrests.

A protester rammed a taxi in London after the driver whistled in frustration. Then the protester appeared as if he had spat out the window at the driver.

Police presence among the demonstrators during the demonstration against the purge (Palestinian Authority)

Another demonstrator’s large dog escaped from the bullets and ran near the National Gallery.

Early in the outbreak of Covid-19 in Europe, the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, issued a warning about the dangers of misinformation about the virus.

“I’d also like to speak briefly about the importance of facts, not fear,” said Dr. Tedros. “People must have access to accurate information to protect themselves and others.”

He added: “In the World Health Organization, we are not only fighting the virus, but also trolling and conspiracy theories that undermine our response.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had previously described the anti-vaccination campaign as “mad”.

Speaking to the nurses at the London Clinic of General Medicine in July, the prime minister said, “There are all these anti-vaccinations now. They are crazy, they are crazy.”

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