Apparently, we can’t prepare for the rapid launch of Gran Turismo 7. Sony has yet to specify a release date for Polyphony Digital Racing, and Endor has made the situation somewhat clear. The company mentions its first appearance on the financial report.

Gran Turismo 7 was announced last year Meanwhile, Sony mentioned the game’s premiere in early 2021. The company removed the annotation regarding the debut from one of the trailers Since then we have been waiting for details.

The Japanese did not mention the game, but important details about Gran Turismo 7 appeared in the Endor financial report. It is the parent company of Fanatec, the steering wheel manufacturer that works closely with Polyphony Digital.

Indore estimates that in 2021 it will generate 100 million euros in revenue for the first time in its history, and this will be possible thanks to, among other things – Sponsoring and promoting GT World Challenge, a new line of products for PlayStation 5 and upcoming racing debuts from Japan.

Gran Turismo 7 is described in the report as a “success” that is expected to boost terminal sales significantly – Endor expects it The premiere of the position will take place in the early third and fourth quarters of 2021.

The company cannot provide final details, but we can doubt Polyphony Digital is working closely with Endor to ensure simultaneous production debut, for example, new steering wheels.