After four days of partial lockdown, residents of Italy can move around until December 30: go shopping, walk, go to church or run in the park. Between the hours of 5.00 AM and 10:00 PM, it is no longer necessary to obtain a certificate stating the reason for leaving the home and the address you are going. It was mandatory in the previous days.

Currently, such self-certification is needed during curfew when you are away from home due to work, health, or other urgent needs.

Across the country, all shops, bars, restaurants and sweets have reopened. There you can only buy drinks and food to take with you or order from home.

There are two exceptions to the ban on leaving your municipality. You can go to another area in the same area to visit family or friends with a certificate in the event of a police check. A maximum of 2 adults can be visited, plus children up to 14 years old.

It is also permitted to leave your town, if its population is less than 5,000, and go to another municipality, 30 kilometers away. However, in this case, you cannot go to the provincial capital. This means, for example, that residents of neighboring Roman cities could not come to the Eternal City.

The partial lockdown in Italy will return on New Year’s Eve, which will last until January 3 and then January 5-6.

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