There is a growing revolt in parents against the school. Perhaps even more than the students themselves, who fall into a state of morbid apathy, and just want to survive in an increasingly separate school system. Parents were unexpectedly angered, seeing all the nonsense and helplessness of the school as clearly as never before, as if face to face, because on the screens of their children’s computers, today they have allies in the teachers’ persons, who are humiliated by their unbearable status of pseudoscience through The internet is frustrating them to the limit.

2020 is a lost year for students. School education – clear and largely misleading in content and form – has become almost entirely unproductive, and at the same time deeply frustrating for young people deprived of the most important benefit of going to school, which is peer group socialization in the context of a somewhat oppressive institution.

The school ceased to be even a school of life … you probably wouldn’t waste a year on the institution itself, because, as never before, it had a chance to learn about its miserable condition. Because the hypocrisy of the system has become so great during online learning that it cannot be hidden from anyone. In other words, self-deception has reached its limits, thanks to which everyone can clearly see that fundamental changes are needed in education.

School has always been based on imagination. Science news had always been mixed with political propaganda, which often had a nationalist tone. Various anachronisms have always been thought of as imprudent, while at the same time narrowing the boundaries of the middle class for safe standard discourse. The desperate and uncritical opportunism of the school culture was hidden by false incentives for independent thinking and non-conformity. This led to the comic effect of childish hypocrisy.

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And there would be a lot to laugh at, were it not for the bureaucratic persecution that teachers and students were subjected to. And if that was not enough, then the picture is completed by creating a banter for “young scientists” by teachers and students, as if the school is working with scientific content and scientific theories and generally revolves around the circle of criticism, scientific culture, and reason. When writing the article, the teen was supposed to pretend to be a Polish linguist or literary critic, and while studying biology, he was supposed to be like a master in the biological sciences. As a result, no one has learned to choose books and read them willingly, nor have they learned what nature films so beautifully teach us.

It was like this. This is the case. Only online learning made everything unbearable. The hypocrisy and sheer absurdity of the school curriculum, combined with all the ugliness of the daily struggles of weak teachers with weak students (who are in the majority), can stay safely behind school walls. However, when all this pours into people’s homes, it becomes obnoxious.

Suddenly, parents notice the nonsense their children are learning, plus they have to learn it themselves to help their kids. So they became students themselves! The nightmare is back! They have seen how tortured and tortured their children are, how they reluctantly learn things that do not develop them in any way and that no one is learning of their own volition because they know that they will never use this knowledge.

However, that’s not the worst part. Parents and children mainly complain about the sadness and sterility of all these lessons, during which there is little lecture, a lot of struggle with technology, futile attempts to discipline cheaters, seemingly assigning and checking tasks, and you know that all this together is a fiction. After all, everyone would have their credit and oversight.

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During the pandemic, school cat and mouse games went beyond the controlled game of appearances. Now it is open war. Outraged teachers challenge the system by spreading the spirit of rebellion, and students completely deprived of moral motive do their best to avoid the most meaningless and unproductive work. Stupid and unnecessary tasks, restricting children to hours on computers, and denying them time to lead a normal life, provokes resistance. Young people download, buy cash, organize tips, and even fake login or simulate technical issues. And these “machinations,” or shameless fraud, are the clearest impact of education during the pandemic.

Sorry for six kids who have stopped learning for months, and dedicated themselves to some cheesy and enthusiastic self-education to partner with their parents – just to please the school and not fall into a lie. The real problem is the frustration of the youth.

The school always crashes. I learned hypocrisy and fraud. Now, however, it does so in two ways. Embarrassing plagiarism, downloading, buying, and other deceptive practices become widespread, and worse – rude. Parents participate in it, they become partners in the fraud, and thus they lose their moral right to raise their children and all authority.

It must be stressed very strongly that not all of them are like this, but – sorry to say – in Poland the scale of this kind of frustration is enormous, as everyone who studies at school or university knows. Sure, one way or the other, he’s deceiving the majority. Nor should this be the case, because it is not the case in many countries. We simply stand, as a society, at a much lower moral level than many other societies.

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Learning from a stupid and pointless school of cheating (and with the participation of his parents!), The young man comes to life as a person without honor and does not deserve respect. It’s horrible in itself. Even worse, maybe when you learn to cheat and accept it, you can’t stop anymore. He cheats more, including his loved ones. Thus, he denies himself the opportunity to form good relationships and a family whose members can trust each other and have what they respect and love. And what does the clever and deceitful guy who bought high school diploma and master degree online like?

If the school were smart, it would have abandoned the curriculum and questioning this year, focusing on organizing youth’s time so that it is nice and useful for them, and for parents, this will prove the benefit of the school. The pandemic is a great opportunity to watch popular science movies, search the web for interesting news, and informal conversations on important topics.

Unfortunately, that opportunity has been wasted so far. Because the school, and especially the education department, is in the hands of the righteous chauvinists, the ignorant, the specialists of the Party, he is master of wasting all opportunities. However, there is still time for reflection and conclusion. Maybe from September?