The head of Italian diplomacy, Luigi Di Maio, in an interview with Politico, expressed his concerns that the crisis caused by the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi could deprive Ukraine of Italian weapons. The politician called on the coalition partners to vote on granting confidence to the government next week.

The crisis occurred on Thursday when senators from the Five Star Movement did not participate in the vote of confidence in the Council of Ministers. Even the ministers in the national unity government did not do that. The Prime Minister decided that there was no longer a majority to form his government and He resigned, then was rejected by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

On Wednesday, the prime minister is scheduled to appear before parliament and verify the existence of a coalition majority. According to unofficial press reports, Draghi may not be ready to lead the second government and there is little chance of him being rescued.

‘The Russians are celebrating’

In an interview with Politico, Foreign Ministry chief Luigi Di Maio, who had previously left the Five Star Movement, said: “The Russians celebrate that they led to the collapse of the second European government,” referring to the earlier resignation of the British prime minister. Boris Johnson. “Now I doubt we can send the weapons.” UkraineIt is one of many serious problems, admitted Di Maio. The Five Star Movement opposes sending more weapons.

Soldiers of Ukrainian territorial defense in the Kyiv region. Photo from July 13 sergey dolzenko / bab / iba

Luigi Di Maio said, referring to the government’s efforts in Rome to gain independence gas supplies from Russia.

The head of diplomacy stressed that Prime Minister Draghi is one of the most determined personalities towards the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin Western leaders support tough sanctions against Moscow and Ukraine’s candidacy to join the European Union.

According to de Mayo, “something unusual” is that Draghi was “attacked” by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte – the leader of the Five Star Movement. In the opinion of the head of the State Department, this is how Conte helps “Putin’s propaganda and tyranny against democracy.”

Concerns about the country’s future

According to the minister, the future of the current government depends on the maturity of the political groups. He warned that reforms and expenditures from the EU Reconstruction Fund are at risk. But Di Maio remains optimistic, saying most parties recognize the value of Mario Draghi’s leadership.

“They have to put their veto and banners aside so that Draghi can continue.” We can pass the budget, and the parliamentary session may end normally “next year, at the discretion of the head of Italian diplomacy.

Main image source: sergey dolzenko / bab / iba