Israel launched a missile attack in the area on Monday night Syria. The aircraft flew over the Golan Heights, and the raid targeted facilities in the international airport area, as well as military installations around and Damascus, Which is a long-standing operating base Iran.

Germany. The plane took off from the airport, opened the door and started inspecting parts

Israel: Military campaign sanctioned by the United States

Witnesses heard explosions in southern Damascus, where Iranian-backed militias have bases.

According to local intelligence sources, the aim of the operations is to prevent Iran from changing the balance of power in Syria in its favor The Times of Israel.

The expanded military campaign, according to Israeli generals and regional intelligence sources, has received the tacit approval of the United States.

According to Al-Jazeera, the bombing was targeting the city of Al-Kiswa, located 14 kilometers south of the capital, in a vast area dominated by Iranian-backed militias.

Our air defense continues to repel Israeli missile attacks in the sky of the capital

Announced army Syria said

Rz ± d President Bashar al-Assad has never publicly admitted that Iranian forces were acting on his behalf during the Syrian Civil War. He only claimed that Tehran had military advisers in place.

The separatists won the majority in the elections in SpainSpain. The separatists won the majority in the Catalan elections

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: They were killed. Israel does not comment

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British pro-opposition group, reported that at least nine fighters were killed in the airstrikes. Other Syrian media outlets did not repeat this information.

We do not comment on such press reports

– Discover Reuters From the Israeli army spokesman. As a rule, the Israel Defense Forces refuse to comment on operations in Syria, except in response.