Former Deputy Head of the NATO Intelligence Council, General Jaroslav Strosik, said in “Fakty po Faktach” that the possible joining of Finland and Sweden to NATO is “a perfect signal for the alliance”. Marius Selma of the new military technology pointed out the strategic changes that such a move would bring, especially for the Baltic region.

Finland and Sweden are considering joining NATO. The possibility of these countries joining NATO was commented on TVN24 by the former deputy head of the Intelligence Council at NATO Headquarters in Brussels and the former military attache to the United States, General Jaroslav Strosik from the University of Wroclaw and Mariusz. Cielma from New Military Technology and the portal

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General Strossik: Sweden and Finland benefited from Putin’s move

General Strossik stated that “Finland and Sweden are special partners of NATO.” – These are countries ready to join NATO. He added that this may happen overnight, as the Americans say.

In his opinion, “a perfect sign of alliance in two dimensions: political and military.” – Politically, the eastern wall of the whole alliance, also militarily, is united, and it raises morale, because we see that the West is cohesive – he said.

TVN24 guest assessed that “Sweden and Finland used Putin’s movement as good judo”. He also pointed out that “(Russian President Vladimir Putin Instead of 700 kilometers from the border with NATO, it will have almost two thousand people. ”

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Selma: The Baltic Sea will become even the inland sea of ​​NATO

Selma spoke of the strategic changes that would occur by accepting these countries. – From the perspective of, for example, the Baltic Sea, which is often discussed, there was a statement today that it will even become the inland sea of ​​NATO – said the expert.

Selma: The Baltic Sea will become even the inland sea of ​​NATOTVN24

– Because if we look at the map, it becomes clear to us that the Russian Federation has only bridgeheads in this body of water. From the point of view of Poland’s security, this is extremely important, because we often look at these issues related to maritime communication routes – he added.

No consensus in NATO? “Turkey will agree to these two countries”

Until these two countries join NATO Turkey is not like thatWhich indicated that as a member of the coalition she could prevent them from joining the organization.

– I will put it this way: Turkey will agree to these two countries – General Stoček’s assessment. He also noted that “on the other hand, Turkey will play and will play certain dilemmas with this card.”

– Of course, in those countries, especially in Sweden, they have a certain Kurdish community, which may be a problem for Turkey, some internal, moral, while Turkey, as always, wants to gain something financially with the United States. He said they’re great at it and in that case they’d do it too until the end. He admitted that he “does not imagine that Turkey would oppose the membership of these two countries.”

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Snake Island is ‘too pivotal’

On the other hand, Selma spoke about the ongoing battles of the Ukrainian Snake Island. And he assessed that it was “extremely important, because at the moment the Russians do not have the possibility to prevent entry into the territory, or to occupy – in short – Odessa.”

– they assume – or at least there are doubts and fears – that by preserving Snake Island, formally and legally, territorial waters will be designated, an exclusive economic zone – dependent. And this, in his opinion, may contribute to the fact that “Ukraine will not be able to use its port in Odessa.”

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Austin’s conversation with Shoigu is a “good sign”

The former deputy head of the NATO Intelligence Council also commented on the conversation between US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in which Austin, the Pentagon said, called for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine.

According to General Strosik, “This is a good signal.” – I think this is another indication after President Putin’s weak speech on May 9 that Russia sees its weak position and wants to talk. On the other hand, he said that it is worth maintaining channels of communication with Russia. “In my opinion, it may relate to at least some of the preconditions for a truce,” he added.

Public Guard: Austin's conversation with Shoigu is a good sign

Public Guard: Austin’s conversation with Shoigu is a good signTVN24

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