Israel will soon welcome foreign tourists. Israel’s Interior Ministry said that from July 1, people vaccinated against COVID-19 will be able to enter the country without prior permission. Moreover, travel to Israel will be possible not only in organized groups, as has been the case until now.

Israel Almost all restrictions were lifted at the beginning of June. Now it wants to open up to foreign visitors and revive the tourism sector, which has been hit hard by restrictions in the past 14 months. Recently, travel to Israel has been further restricted due to the fear of new types of coronavirus entering the country.

It turns out that the country famous for tourists will finally begin to welcome tourists. What are the entry rules that will apply to passengers?

Israel. From July 1, tourists will be allowed to enter

According to the announced changes, from July 1, vaccinated tourists will be able to enter Israel without prior permission, and not only in organized groups. Children up to 6 years old can travel with their vaccinated parents.

What about non-immune people? This group of tourists must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine in designated hotels upon arrival.

As it stands now, all vaccinated and unvaccinated foreign travelers will be required to test negative for coronavirus before boarding the plane to Israel (72 hours before departure) and take another antibody test at the airport after landing.

Last week, a health official told the media that all vaccines developed in the West would be approved.

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Details of the new regulation, such as the list of countries from which tourists can come and which vaccines are accepted, are currently being worked out by the Ministry of Health. The list of countries is likely to include those that have had a successful vaccination campaign.

People coming from India, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and Argentina will need a special permit due to the high infection rates in these countries.

Restrictions in Israel

In late May, the first tour group of 12 Christian pilgrims from the United States was accepted into Israel as part of a pilot program. Under the current restrictions, visitors in organized groups must be vaccinated with preparations approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and must take two tests: one up to 72 hours before arrival and one after arrival.

Due to the gradual deterioration of the infection Almost all coronavirus restrictions lifted in IsraelIncluding the requirement to wear a mask indoors with some exceptions.

Israelis no longer need proof of vaccination or a certificate of recovery to enter public facilities such as shops, restaurants, hotels, and universities. Restrictions on people allowed to stay in cinemas and cafes have been lifted. There are also no restrictions on group events – either indoors or outdoors.