Iran accused the United States of mediating in the presidential elections held in the Middle Eastern country on Friday.

According to the United States, elections in Iran were neither free nor fair.

A US State Department spokesman said on Monday that the election results won by Ibrahim Raisi were “fabricated”. He added that the United States stuck to its position that these elections were neither free nor fair.

Iranian official media quoted Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei as saying, “We consider this position an interference in our internal affairs, which is contrary to international law, and we reject it.”

Rabiei added that “the US government has no role that gives it the right to express its views on the electoral process in Iran or any other country.”

Raisi, who is considered a representative of Iranian hardliners, recently oversaw the Iranian judiciary. He is sanctioned by the United States for his involvement in human rights abuses.

Voter turnout in Iran’s presidential election, in which many opposition politicians were unable to participate (they were not allowed to run), was only 48.8 percent. Which was a record low. 3.7 million voters cast invalid votes.