Previous dismissal process President Donald Trump will start the United States in the second week of February – said the leader of the Democrats in the United States Senate Chuck Schumer. Previously, Democrats and Republicans couldn’t agree on a trial date. Only Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Republican Representative, Mitch McConnell, have reached an agreement. Without compromise, the trial will begin after the indictment is submitted to the Senate – knows CNN.

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Joe Biden on Trump: “he thinks he has unlimited power”

Schumer said Friday evening announcing the timetable for the trial, “We have made good progress in our negotiations to determine the timing and structure of the process of impeaching President Donald J. Trump.”

Agreement to impeach Donald Trump

Under the Democrats-Republican deal, a preliminary impeachment trial will begin next week, and an indictment will be filed on Monday. Senators will be sworn in as a jury on Tuesday. After that, the trial will be suspended and the parties will exchange pre-trial documents for two weeks.

A delay in the impeachment process is beneficial to the Democrats as the trial threatened to delay the approval of the Joe Biden government. Republicans have issued an ultimatum that if the trial continues, they will not vote at the same time.

Chuck Schumer says it is imperative that state institutions operate efficiently to prosecute Trump. He added that the two sides, who accuse and defend the former president, will have time to prepare for the start of the trial from Monday, when the House of Representatives files an indictment to the Senate against the former president.

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Republicans oppose Donald Trump’s conviction

According to CNN, the chances of the former president being convicted are slim as more and more Republicans believe the party will endorse the acquittal of Donald Trump. For impeachment to succeed, 17 Republicans and 50 Democrats must vote to convict Trump. More and more Republicans say the former president’s trial is unconstitutional.

Chances of conviction are virtually non-existent

Senator Roger Wicker, a Mississippi Republican, told CNN.

Trump impeached. Republicans want the trial to be postponed until February

Second trial of Donald Trump

This is the second time Donald Trump Is accountable. for the first time, previous president United States of America Accused in 2019 of abusing power and obstructing the work of Congress. This year, on January 13, with the votes of Democrats and ten Republicans, Donald Trump was charged with inciting his supporters to storm Congress and rise up against state institutions. The next step in the impeachment proceeding is a trial in which 100 senators participate in a jury. “It will be a full and fair trial,” Chuck Schumer said earlier. Republican leader Mitch McConnell has called for the trial to be postponed to give Donald Trump’s lawyers time to prepare their defense and not to disrupt the nomination process for members of the Joe Biden government.

Two-thirds of the vote in the 100-member Senate is required to convict the former president in impeachment proceedings. Currently, the two parties have 50 senators in Congress.

Joe Biden.  President of the United StatesUnited States of America. Joe Biden commissioned a homeland security study

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