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a. Stanisław Judycki from Gdańsk University, prof. Konrad Talmont-Kamiński from Białystok University and Father Janusz Pyda OP participated in the online discussion “Pro tempore. Science Dialogue”. The meeting guests addressed the topic of freedom and responsibility in the era of anthropological nature. This is the first meeting in the series organized by the Commission for Theological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Catholic Academy in Warsaw.

The Dominican chairing the meeting emphasized in the introduction that during the discussion we are dealing with several important concepts: freedom, responsibility, naturalness, but also dualism. – Father Beda said that bisexuality and naturalness are completely inconsistent with attitudes.

Dualism is the situation in which a human being is composed of two substances that are different from each other. The soul, the subject, the substance, or the mind, and therefore it is a substance that does not descend into the essence of our being, and its physiology. This position is very rare, and a minority – explained the Dominicans.

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On the other hand, naturalism holds that man is the body and ideas that flow from it are explicable. When we look at what is happening in the body, specifically in the brain. It is based on experimental charts. He stressed that naturalism is the majority.

The soul as a “metaphysical diamond”

The minority position on dualism is discussed by A. Godecki, who noted that two of the three topics that define metaphysics were discussed during the discussion. For some time, when someone wonders what this system actually is, people talk – he emphasized – about three great metaphysical themes: God, Soul, Freedom – about their existence and their nature.

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A professor from the University of Gdask has put forward arguments, mainly metaphysical, although there are moral and empirical arguments that justify the belief in the existence of the human soul. He referred to views of, among other things, Cartesian, Aristotle and Platonic, and described the soul as a “metaphysical diamond”.

Conditional argument: There is no logical contradiction in thinking that I can exist without a body, and that is possible – the professor said. Godicki.

Philosophy shows that something is possible

a. When asked by Talmont-Kaminski why the philosophical arguments are not convinced, he asserted that this field does not decide anything, but it is not a problem.

– The role of philosophy is not to decide, but to present, in a certain sense, an area of ​​possibilities that a given situation is logically possible, but the question of how it appears in the case of empirical data – he said

He noticed that naturalism – as opposed to dualism – is very popular in the academic world, but in society – despite the advancement of secularization – the exact opposite.

Naturalists are a minority. The binary concept of the world is natural for people. He stressed that humanity is neither a believer nor unbeliever due to philosophical arguments, it is not a field.

Science appeared – as he observed – in one place and an extremely complex structure of institutions was needed in order to transmit it, while binary religious beliefs were easily transmitted from generation to generation. – Scientists have often studied various phenomena with the help of duality, but it turns out later that these assumptions are not necessary – he said.


Photo: Still image from AKW video materials – Catholic Academy Warsaw (YouTube)

In the next part, the meeting guests referred to freedom and responsibility in light of nature and duplication, and answered questions from Internet users.

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The following discussion

Reflections taken during the first debate, “Pro tempore. Science Dialogue “During the upcoming meetings. In March, the topic will be discussed:“ Can you be free and responsible in the world of artificial intelligence? ”And in May,“ Ethics and statutory law ”.

The interdisciplinary discussion session was initiated by the Theological Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, chaired by the father. the professor. Krzysztof Paulina. A total of three discussions have been planned for the summer vacation, during which – as announced – important topics today and in the future will be discussed.