If you are tired of carrying a vacuum cleaner in a car and looking for an extension cord every time to plug it in, then choose a portable vacuum cleaner. Baseus A2 will be a good choice.

Attention: You can purchase the Baseus A2 Car Portable Vacuum Cleaner for PLN 139 at Spider’s Web Store.

Sweeping a car is a time consuming and often … annoying task. Implementing and carrying a household vacuum cleaner, often on the tray, then finding and opening an extension cord to connect the appliance to an outlet can take longer than cleaning alone. For this reason, drivers often delay sweeping for weeks.

Drivers who get nervous about the idea of ​​cleaning a car should equip themselves with a portable vacuum cleaner like Baseus A2.

The device has the shape of a cylinder and resembles a thermos. It is also very compact and measures 60 x 253 x 60mm. Thanks to this, the equipment will not take up much space in the house and in the trunk. It can also be kept in the glove box or … in the cup holder between the seats.

Carrying a portable vacuum cleaner in a car is a very good idea – you’ll always have it on hand, and dirt can be removed before it can spread all over the vehicle.

This is due to the fact that the baseus A2 model has a power of 70 watts, which is 44 thousand. Revision. / Min, and the suction power is up to 5000Pa, the machine will easily deal with removing dust, dust and any other kind of dirt. The narrow tip helps to reach hard-to-reach places.

At the same time, the device is efficient (thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery for about 18 minutes of operation and a 60 ml container for dirt) and quiet (the resulting noise does not exceed 75 dB). There is also a HEPA filter and a blowing function.

A pleasant surprise is that Baseus A2 vacuum cleaner It charges via USB-C cable.

Unfortunately, many non-smartphone electronic devices still use the older microUSB standard, which requires the use of many cables and chargers. Fortunately, the Baseus A2, which is sold at Spider’s Web store for PLN 139, is not one of them.

This will delight people who have been able to switch to a newer standard in the case of other devices, including mobile. Thanks to the USB-C socket in the vacuum cleaner, they will be able to charge their new gadget with their smartphone charger – at home or in the car.

Portable car vacuum cleaner You can purchase Baseus A2 for PLN 139 from Spider’s Web Store.

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