Vloggers have been threatened with deportation from the famous Indonesian island of Bali after they posted a video online in which one of them violated an order to cover his nose and mouth in connection with the Coronavirus by entering a store with a mask painted on it. Face.

CNN reported that Josh Baller Lynn and Lee C, two tourists who live in the United States who run their YouTube channel, have had their passports withdrawn. Balinese authorities decide whether to deport them for violating restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

On April 22, bloggers posted a video showing Se entering the store and asking her to leave because she didn’t cover her nose and mouth. Then she paints a mask on her face and steps in without any problems. A week later, the Bali police arrested them.

A couple of bloggers have since removed a video that garnered 3.4 million views and posted an apology.

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Indonesia, where 1,651,794 cases of coronavirus and 45,000 cases have been recorded since the start of the epidemic. In deaths related to Covid-19, it strictly follows orders to cover mouth and nose in public. The police have the right to issue a violation if a crime is committed for the first time, and to deport those who violate this prohibition a second time. In the case of vloggers, the popularity of their online recording was deemed an aggravating circumstance. Balinese authorities told CNN that 8,864 seats were released on the island in one week.

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