To start with, let’s clear any doubts – the Ford Mustang Mach-E doesn’t replace the classic Mustang, but only broadens the model range. However, due to the name and the many stylistic similarities, it is difficult to consider the two models as completely separate from each other. So how big is a Mustang in a Mustang Mac-e? Does it deserve to bear its name? We are checking.

Ford designers faced the difficult task of incorporating the most distinct elements of the legendary Mustang appearance into the body of a practical SUV. You can find a lot of stylistic references here. The long front bonnet with powerful sculptures, distinctive head and tail lights and a sloping side stripe clearly convey this car’s heritage to the world. Additionally, the many Mustang badges placed at different angles and angles only confirm that the model bearing this name has in fact become a faux terrain family car.

The project is bold, but if we accept the fact that it is a completely new model and is not intended to be a replacement for the traditional Mustang, we will see very elegant proportions, very dynamic lines and a muscular silhouette that gives a car with a unique character and definitely distinguishes it in the world .. Street. Plus, the eye-catching large rims and red brake calipers remind us to keep sporting spirit here. An additional curiosity worth noting is the lack of external handles to replace the buttons for opening and tilting the door, and small handles for fully opening.

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The size of the interior is really impressive. The cabin is quite spacious and it turns out to be quite long as well. The panoramic roof cannot be covered, but the manufacturer guarantees that blackout and covering it with appropriate filters will protect the cabin from overheating during strong sunlight. This solution does not take up unnecessary space, and it is already very much above your head. There is also legroom on both rows. The floor in the back is almost completely flat, thanks to which up to three adults can sit comfortably on the wide sofa. The front seats are quite bulky, provide natural support for the hips and back, but do not provide adequate lateral support, making it difficult to maintain a steady posture on sharp turns. Covering them with environmentally friendly leather only worsens the situation.

The height of the luggage compartment floor is adjustable, and at its lowest position, the carrying capacity is 402 liters (including the rotating shutter). After folding the rear seat, unfortunately we will not get a flat surface, but the cargo area will increase to 1420 liters (depending on the roof). An additional loading space is also found under the hood, where we can find a spacious 81-liter storage compartment. It has separate compartments, a plastic finish and there is a drain on the bottom, which makes it very easy to keep clean. It will be ideal for transporting charging cables and other small items that can contaminate the interior of the car. There’s also a glow-in-the-dark button to open the hood in emergency situations from the inside, in case someone is criticizing here – typical American sense of humor, but it must be admitted, completely original.

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Once we have mastered the impressive spaciousness of the cabin and want to explore the entire interior more closely, we might be a little disappointed. Yes, the materials used here look very attractive, attention is drawn to the red stitching, imitation carbon fiber inserts and a large amount of soft materials. However, the overall good impression is spoiled by the inaccurate fitting of many elements – the door panels, the strips at the top of the dashboard, and the speaker cases screwed into a lot of slack.