IMWM spokesperson Grzegorz Walijewski says road conditions will be hampered by fog. In his opinion, it will take place especially in the southern and western parts of Poland. According to Walijewski, they will limit visibility to 200 meters. An IMGW spokesperson adds that in north and northwest Poland, it can also be slippery on night roads, albeit not as much in the south.

IMGW: There is heavy snow in the north of the country at night. There were also warnings about using ice

Grade A Snow Alarms have been issued to the provinces: dolno¶l ± skijoOpole ¶L ± skijoLesser Poland, ¶WiêtokrzyskiegoPodkarpackie, Lubelskie, Mazowieckie and Podlasie. It will be valid from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning.

Tuesday afternoon, IMWM also issued first-class weather warnings against heavy snowfall. It concerns the provinces: Pomorskie, Warminsko-Mazursky and parts of Mazowieckie counties (Powiats: Sierpc, uromin, Mława, Ciechanów and Przasnysz). Rain is expected from afternoon hours to Wednesday evening or in the morning.

Current forecasts indicate the occurrence of heavy snowfall of one degree or another in the northern, central and foreign part of the country, and in the evening it can also be expected in the following districts: Lubuskie and Zachodniopomorskie.

They can already enjoy the snow, among other things residents of one of the towns near Warsaw:

Snowfall (January 5)

At night, in most areas of the country – with the exception of mountain basins – thermometers will show zero degrees or positive temperatures. Temperatures up to 4 degrees Celsius will be positive on Wednesday across the country. IMWM predicts snowfall, especially in southern regions. In the mountains, the layer of white fluff will increase by about 5 centimeters.

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“The beast of the east.” Synoptics rest assured: There will be cooling, but not severe

In recent days, there has been information about the boom in Siberia, which around January 16th is expected to lead to significant cooling in Poland – up to -30 ° C – and heavy snowfall. However, meteorologists confirm that despite negative temperatures appearing in January, they will not be very low.

IMGW forecasts show that starting Thursday, January 7, negative temperatures and snowfall are expected, which will appear across the country and will continue through Sunday. At night, the temperature drops a maximum of -7 ° C.

About the Gate “The Beast from the East”, which will soon visit Poland Asked IMGW spokesperson, Grzegorz Walijewski. “ According to the overall and model predictions we use, there is no indication that we will soon encounter bitter frosts. rzêdu -30 ° C In the coming days, yes, the frost will be light, and here and there it will snow. “It will cool down after the weekend, but models indicate that the local lowest temperature drops to -17 degrees Celsius,” Walijowski said.

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