Serhiy Demedyuk, who was once the head of the state cyber police, believes the attack was carried out by the UNC1151 hacker group, which has ties to Belarusian intelligence services. this group In the past it attacked Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and UkraineBy publishing content critical of NATO.

Dmedyuk said the malware used was similar to that used by the ATP-29 group, referring to the group suspected of hacking attacks in the United States ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

About 70 government websites have been affected by the massive cyber attack Various national and regional structures of Ukraine. It happened from Thursday to Friday night. The Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into this matter. Ukraine’s foreign partners also participate.

I was It is the largest cyber attack in terms of range On the Ukrainian state sites for four years, he emphasized. The incident was reported to the State Cyber ​​Defense Center at 4 am

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reported that it appeared on the homepage of the sites that were attacked “Provocative” messages. “At the same time, the content of the pages has not changed, and according to our information, there has been no leakage of personal data” – added.

After entering the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, he appeared Message in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and Polish – Reports to Interfax Ukraine. It reads: “Ukrainian! All your personal data has been sent to the public network. All data on the computer has been destroyed, it cannot be restored. All information about you has become public, fear and wait for the worst. It is for your past, present. And future. For Wołyń, UPA OUN, Galicia, Polesie, and for Historic Districts”.

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