Today, students who participated in elementary school classes in Świdnik learned online about the rules of road mobility, safety while traveling, the use of seat belts, the need to wear reflective elements and the ability to properly notify the emergency services.

We had to speed up the holidays, and combine them in one appointment. That way, we’ll spend it for several more days. Therefore, the prepared offer is excellent and can also be used successfully in the school year. On this occasion, I would like to thank Minister Jagdor for his education in road safety, as well as Polish TV, Polish Radio and the Lotto Foundation. Halina Konopaka for suggestions for schoolchildren to spend the winter holidays, so that children can spend this free time from school in an enjoyable way – confirmed Minister of Education and Science Przemislav Kazarnik.

During classes, students followed the adventures of the heroes of animated films, actively participated in tests and answered questions of teachers. Lessons and educational tools have been adapted to the online meeting format to maintain its interactive nature.

– This is education through fun. Due to the pandemic, classes cannot be held in schools, as has been the case until now. Hence the idea of ​​online lessons. Since December, around 500 children have participated in it, most of them in grades 1-3. Alvin Jagador, Chief Road Transport Inspector, emphasized that all of this is for children to be safe road users.

During the event, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Mirzina Maschic confirmed that more than 60,000 people are participating with children in various types of summer camps in Poland.

It is a very big effort, especially since there was very little time to organize day camps in the sewage system. During the winter holidays, we strengthened psychological and educational assistance. We have committed ourselves to psychological and educational counseling centers and school teachers with these activities. An online clinic has also been operating since January 1. We are preparing children and adolescents, as well as teachers and parents to diagnose children’s problems, to do those measures that will be sufficient after they return – hopefully, soon – at least some children to school – Deputy Minister Marzina Maschick announced.

The online educational project “Safe Crocodile School Tirka” has been prepared with younger road users in mind – students of grades 1-3 from elementary schools.

The main objective of this initiative is to shape children’s awareness of road safety and promote observance of road safety rules, thus protecting younger road users.

Schools interested in participating in the project can send their requests to the following email address: [email protected]

We encourage you to participate!