Burioni, a publisher of medical knowledge and a regular on RAI TV, pointed out the delivery problems on Twitter Vaccines In the European Union, they compared the situation with the situation in Israel.

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New strains of Coronavirus. “It’s an arms race.”

Italian virologist Roberto Burioni has criticized the European Union for its negotiations on vaccine purchases

Israel has paid more than twice what the European Union has paid for vaccines and has abundance of them. We thank the European Union for using the tax money sparingly, and avoiding unnecessary waste such as buying a life-saving vaccine.

– wrote sarcastically in one of his tweets series.

“We must also thank the Germans who paid in advance, otherwise, the European Union’s request for vaccines would not even be passed on, while thousands of European citizens were dying and dying,” – he noted.

a. Burioni assessed: “This is crazy. You want to cry for a hardline supporter in the European Union, like me.”

“A vaccine disaster.” Should negotiations be conducted by one of the translators school graduates?

In another tweet, he criticized the Director-General of Health of the European Commission, Sandra Galina.

“The official who led the European Union negotiations on vaccines is a graduate of the School of Translators, and she interacted with the health service for the first time in July 2020. Before that, she was working in the field of agriculture and fisheries. This is not the European Union that I want,” said Professor San Rafael in Milan.

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At the same time, he made a reservation that he did not have anything personal for Galina. Burioni pointed out that “given the objective vaccine disaster in the European Union, it is right to ask whether a person who has been educated, after school, is the best option to negotiate the lives of tens of thousands of people.”

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