Distance lessons. Are you used to it or are you still tearing your hair? Either way, distance learning remains a challenge for everyone: children, teachers, and parents. At home, it is sometimes a true survival school. It remains unknown when the schools will be closed. The return date has been postponed, and the option to return before Easter is no longer available (more details below). While waiting for the restrictions to end and your return to school, remember – you are not alone! Do you also have the impression that you spend all the time on lessons and assignments? These MEMES will make you laugh to cry! Click the button “Show gallery” Move the pictures to the right – press the arrow or button “next one”.

MEMES about remote lessons. It is a survival school for all family members

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Distance learning, caused by the Coronavirus and the development of the epidemic, has been with us since March 23, 2020. From that moment on, students have spent only a few dozen days in full-time education in schools. Currently, distance learning at home has been continuing since October 19 – in the case of high school and college students. A week later, they switched to online lessons elementary schools.

– I would like the children to go to school after Easter. This is my goal and my direction, my expectations – said Minister of Health Adam Niedzelski on February 25 at the René Moawad Foundation. But he indicated that this plan might not work.

Przemislav Kasarnik, Minister of Education and Science, has become more cautious in his predictions. Until recently, he indicated going back to school in the older years before Easter, but this was no longer relevant.

What is the end of distance learning?

– The increase in Coronavirus infections in recent days and the situation, especially in the northern governorates, makes us more concerned about whether we will have to close schools for grades 1-3 in subsequent governorates. It all depends on the development of the epidemic – the minister said on the Thursday (25 February) that was broadcast on Radio Wroclaw.


When infection dynamics decisively slow, flatten or slow down, we will open schools. The minister said the decision by the vast majority of teachers to undergo vaccinations would also help.

Meanwhile, we are learning from a distance. What do netizens say?

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Distance learning: when does he return to school and when do distance lessons end?