Sony has set another place to announce upcoming premieres and the materials are somewhat surprising. The company is focused on four games, and only one game has a release date set for 2021.

What games can PlayStation 5 owners wait for? You are unlikely to answer that question the last spot Sony has prepared and posted by the IGN editorial team. The material features Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, which, as you know, will debut on June 11th, but it’s basically the only production with a confirmed release date.

In the advertisement, we also see Gran Turismo 7 (Races are delayed to 2022), Grand Theft Auto V (no details about the debut) and Horizon: Forbidden West have been updated – interestingly, in the last movie there is a phrase that the production is “planned for the second half of 2021”. This does not sound good considering Recent delay rumors.

I get the impression that Sony cannot sell its most interesting offers for 2021 and in this case the players are still waiting for the details. Even In the case of recent play We didn’t know the exact plans for the coming months.

In fact, we are awaiting the upcoming Sony shows, during which we will get more details about the new games targeting the PlayStation 5.