It is said that the further we move from the forest, the more trees there are. In case Huawei And vice versa, because time is on his side. United States of America Because they are more willing to put up with the restrictions imposed on companies from the Middle Kingdom. Another relaxation can help her greatly. But will he save her?

The United States has put Huawei against a wall

It started innocently – in May 2019 United States of America cut Huawei From access to American technologiesHowever, this appears to only apply to Google’s apps and services. Moreover, only months later we saw the first effects of this – before that, the ban had only existed in theory (at least from our point of view).

However, recent months have seen a significant deterioration in the position of the Chinese company. The United States first banned it from producing its HiSilicon Kirin processorsSoon after Completely isolated from all products whose production uses American technology.

It was a blow down the belt that crippled Huawei’s operations – At some point, information about that came out It’s in a “messy survival mode.” The company is looking for all ways to get out of this strange situation.

The United States Slowly Abandon Huawei?

From a certain date Yet it appears that United States of America Slowly abandon the ChineseBecause they license other companies to work with. This was obtained, among other things Intel CorporationAMD TSMC, Samsung And the Sony Omni Vision (In the case of the latter two, these are the camera sensors.)

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Financial times It states that now United States of America Allow chip manufacturers to supply their products Huawei. However, there is a big problem – The Chinese cannot use these components in 5G-enabled devices.

Huawei P40 Pro + (Photo: Katarzyna Pura /

Apparently, it is specifically about communications infrastructure – Chips for mobile devices seem not to be a problem for the United States. However, these are unofficial reports, so we’re not sure what the real situation will look like – we’ll find out when the U.S. Department of Commerce issues the appropriate permits to all parties involved.

However, it slowly started to look like this Consumer equipment department Huawei He will soon be able to start working as beforeBecause United States of America They gradually remove more restrictions that apply to it – this section gets access to an increasing number of necessary technologies and products.

Huawei devices

The situation is much worse in the case of the administration that deals with the communications infrastructure. so far It was a very important part of the job Huawei, a United States of America They are trying at all costs to stop the Chinese from building a 5G network. That is unlikely to change, as the Americans say they will use it to spy on sensitive information and pass it on to the Chinese government.