On Sunday, January 24, Estonia’s two largest political parties – the Reform Party and the Center Party – concluded an agreement to create rz ± du. It was headed by a woman – Kaga Klass. At 10 am on Tuesday, January 26, the swearing-in began. Thus, a representative of the Islah party became the first-ever Prime Minister Estonia. It also means that the country is ruled by two women. Since 2016, the president of Estonia has been Kristi Calgulaide.

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Who is Kaga Klas, the new Prime Minister of Estonia? Women will play an important role in their government

Kaga Klas, 43, is a lawyer, former member of the European Parliament and president of the Estonian Reform Party since 2018. She is the daughter of Sim Klas, a founder of the Islah party and a former the first show Estonia. This politician headed the Estonian government in 2002-2003.

Klas government consists of 14 ministries, the coalition partners were divided into two halves. Women will play an important role in it. Kate Pentos Rosemanos is the Finance Minister, Eva Maria Limits is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Signe Risalo is the Head of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Annelie Ott is the New Culture Minister, Lena Chrisna is the Head of Education and Science, and Maris Lowry is the Chief Justice.

The president of the European Commission wrote on Twitter: “I am happy to see a gender-balanced government full of European ambitions.” Ursula von der LeyenCongratulations klass.

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Estonia. Gauri Ratas resigned on charges of corruption

The former government of Estonia, formed by Gauri Ratas, disintegrated on January 13th. On that day, the Estonian Prime Minister resigned. This took place in connection with corruption-related measures, which included, among other things, the Secretary General of the Wasat Party and an advisor to the Minister of Finance. Officials associated with the prime minister had to accept a donation in exchange for political assistance in building real estate in the port area of ​​the Estonian capital Tallinn, euronews.com.

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