1. The right colors – these colors will visually enlarge the interior

The rule about slimming and expanding the silhouette of clothes also works well in interiors. Dark colors always take a few centimeters, and light colors – they add. If we want to visually enlarge a small bedroom, then let’s focus on bright and luminous colors.


They are perfect here All shades of white, gray and beige harmonize beautifully with the natural shades of wood and the greenery of potted plants. If we dreamed of our favorite color on the bedroom wall – let’s find it in a pastel version. Intense colors can not only visually reduce the space, but also negatively affect our sleep. The eyes are tired of the effort of the whole day, and you need a nice background.

Furniture and floor

Dark and heavy furniture in the bedroom can slightly affect the look of the interior. We don’t have to immediately replace room equipment – we can also consider repainting cabinets or chests of drawers. It is enough to choose a suitable paint for the substrate, for example, acrylic or chalk, glossy or matte, and keep a few hours for a small transformation. In the same way, we can also change the shade of the floor. The uniform and consistent colors of all the elements are sure to visually increase the look of our small bedroom.

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Extreme color lovers can pay attention to colorful details that will play nicely against a bright background, for example Pillows, a rope berth or a colorful picture on the wall. We can also use black, graphite or brown decorative elements – when presented in small quantities, they will not disturb the harmony in the room. The greenery of natural plants is a good idea for bedroom decoration, which calms our senses and can improve the air quality.

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How to visually enlarge a small bedroom? The simplest four ways

2. Mirrors – Duplicate Space

A tried and very simple procedure for visually increasing the interior is the use of mirrors, which give the impression of additional space. Ideal for example are sliding wardrobes with a large mirror, repeating a significant part of the room. The larger the volume, the more intense the effect.

It is worth thinking about sticking a mirror on the furniture or the wall, If our equipment has uniform interfaces. The choice of sizes and shapes available is huge! We can also try to get a free standing or hanging mirror and place it in a place that reflects the most interesting part of our room or at least – an interesting view from the window.

Light play is an added advantage of mirrors. The sunlight reflected in them gives the impression of a bright and luminous interior. In a small room, delicate or completely invisible frames are better suited. Large, and richly embellished, they can unnecessarily burden our luminous space.

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How to visually enlarge a small bedroom? The simplest four ways

3. Roller blinds instead of blinds and blinds – ensuring good lighting

The more light, the more beautiful and spacious they are – you just want to be in a bright room. Heavy curtains and blinds certainly won’t help us channel sunlight. They not only block access to daylight somewhat, but also occupy an expensive space. They often give off a feeling of clutter and clutter, and we definitely want to avoid that. Let’s focus on roller blinds that match the color of the interior and invite as much sunlight as possible into our bedroom!

In the case of a bedroom with limited access to natural light, it is worth thinking about additional lighting that creates a warm atmosphere. Let’s choose lamps that won’t take up much space – like small sconces on the wall next to the bed.

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4. Choose minimalism

Simple shapes of furniture, simple patterns or their lack, delicate ornaments, limited by the minimum necessary elements in the bedroom – all this positively affects the appearance of the interior, visually expanding it. Let’s think about furniture and things that are really necessary and try to free space only for what takes up space.

Let’s also take care of color harmony. Let’s pick the leading shades in our bedroom kingdom. It could be, for example, a splash of gray or white all over or frosty blues. Its chromatic minimalism will allow you to focus your eyes on what is most important and let’s relax.

Small interiors definitely require more discipline from us. Well-thought-out decor will allow us to get additional space and a better mood. It is also worth knowing which items are best avoided due to their small size. Here are a few of them:

  • Tall, massive furniture
  • Rich decorative wallpapers
  • Heavy patterned rug
  • Very decorative bedspreads
  • Heavy gilded or darkened picture frames or mirrors
  • Abundant in the form of curtains and curtains
  • XL Chandeliers