Long service award medals with the participation of the Minister of Education and Science


Today is June 14 this year. The Minister of Education and Science, Przemyslav Czarnik, provided the staff of John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin in Lublin for many years of service. Twenty-eight lecturers and administrative employees of the university received state decorations.

– University people. It was the people who decided for 103 years that the Catholic University of Lublin entered the scientific map of Poland, Europe and the world in golden letters. You belong to these people – these words were addressed to the award winners by Minister Przemyslav Kzarnik.

During today’s ceremony, employees who have contributed to the development of the university in a unique way were honored.

Below is a list of awards awarded:

  1. Among the gold medalists after thirty years
    Typical work, there were:
    • a. Anna Malicka-Kleparska (Head of the Department of Comparative English-Polish Linguistics),
    • Beata Panasyuk, MA (Head of Foreign Languages ​​Center),
    • Dr. Love. Jan Ptak (Department of Ancient, Byzantine and Medieval History)
    • M. Teresa Śliwińska (Secretariat of the Faculty of Theology),
    • Dr. Nż. Monica Wauer (Project Management Division),
    • Dr. Mugorzata Churakowska (Director of the KUL Media Center).

  1. The Silver Medal, after twenty years of exemplary work, was awarded to:
    • Dr. Olga Piasek Zuid (Department of Media Culture),
    • a. Anna Bondrock (Head of Theoretical Linguistics Department),
    • Monsignor Marlina İçlik (Foreign Language Center),
    • Dr. Agnieszka Koz Dhaka (Department of Foreign Languages),
    • Jolanta Majewska, MA (University Development Strategy Monitoring Department),
    • Dr. Love. Małgorzata Nowak-Barcińska, Prof. KUL (Deputy Director of the Institute of Linguistics),
    • the father. Doctor Hebb. Kazimierz Beck, Prof. KUL (Head of the Department of Pulmonology, Clergy and Martology),
    • Dr. Love. Monica Sidor, A.; KUL (Department of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian Literature),
    • the father. Doctor Hebb. Marek Sumka (Department of Philosophy of Religion),
    • Dr. Love. Andrzej Stefańczyk (Department of the History of Philosophy of Antiquity and the Middle Ages),
    • Katarzyna Stupnyak, MA (Academy of Modern Media and Communication, KUL),
    • Dr. Małgorzata Sławek-Czochra (Department of Visual Communication and New Media),
    • Dr. Love. Magdalena Szolk-Brzozowska, A. KUL (Head of the Germanic Linguistics Department),
    • Dr. Love. Justyna Szulich-Kałuża, A.; KUL (Director of the Institute of Press and Management),
    • Dr. Love. Robert Zuid (Head of Media Culture).
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  1. The Bronze Medal, after ten years of exemplary work, was awarded to:
    • Dr. Peter Polibuk (Department of Economic and Banking Policy),
    • Dr. Love. Maria Gundyk (Department of Language, Rhetoric and Media Law),
    • Dr. Małgorzata Kobiałka-Szkutnik (Secretariat of the Faculty of Theology),
    • Dr. Agnieszka Marek (Department of Personnel Management in the Organization),
    • Dr. Love. Urszula Niewiadomska-Flis, Prof. KUL (Department of American Literature and Culture),
    • Dr. Elibeta Talek (Department of Clinical Psychology),
    • Dr. Love. Grzegorz Tylec, Prof. KUL (Secretary of the Department of Language, Rhetoric and Media Law).

Long Service Medal

The Order of Long Service is a state decoration created in the Second Polish Republic and restored in 2007. It is awarded for exemplary and conscientious performance of duties resulting from professional work in the service of the state.

The Order of Long Service is divided into three degrees:
1st Class – Long Service Gold Medal,
2nd Class – Long Service Silver Medal,
Third Class – Bronze Medal for Long Service.

Congratulations to all award recipients!

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