1. Choose a proven solution – corner against the wall

Often, corners are brought to the wall from their longest side – especially in relatively small and narrow rooms. The shorter part may be adjacent to the vertical wall, but it is not necessary. With this arrangement, in front of the furniture, you will get a lot of space for use, for example for a coffee table. At the same time, you won’t get stuck on other equipment while navigating the living room. If you push the corner into a longer wall and more or less put it in the middle, there will also be free space on either side of it. Interested in corner sofas and your small living room? Placing the corner on the wall will ensure the convenience of its opening.

2. Use the potential of natural light – corner under the window

Are you arranging a living room that receives a lot of sunlight? Do you like reading books or doing crossword puzzles? Put a corner under the window! Natural light falling on the piece of furniture will not only increase the functionality of the relaxation area, but also emphasize the design of the corner. It is worth bringing the rest to the wall with the window, especially when your living room is small and has a square shape. Then the shortest part of the piece of furniture should adjoin the vertical wall. You will save a lot of space and you can easily put a table inside. It is not recommended to plan at an angle under the window in the following cases:

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  • There is a radiator on the wall with a window;
  • the angle can obstruct the opening of the balcony door;
  • The living room is located on the first floor, there are small children in the house – in this case, special door handles with a switch or button should be installed in the windows.

3. Divide the space into zones – a corner of the living room open to the kitchen

Wondering how to arrange a corner in a living room open to the kitchen? in the middle! The corners of a modern living room look great when placed in the middle of a spacious and open apartment. Why not against the wall? Because it will create the impression of disturbing volume, danger and chaos.

The corner of the room in the middle, apart from the role of relaxation and decoration, serves as a separator between the functional areas. It introduces order and enhances the spatial effect. You can place it at the intersection of the kitchen, living room or hall and dining room. Both styles and dimensions of the living room corners are very diverse, so you will not have a problem finding the perfect one. Angles offers in nearly 700 designer versions, for example, Agata salons.

Remember to equip your kitchen with a high-quality extractor hood. Thanks to this, the corner will not be flooded with kitchen smells and the upholstery will not accumulate grease.

How to arrange a corner in the living room? Other tips and ideas

Every salon is different, so what works for most of them won’t always be the best solution in your case. For example, apartments in attics often have various alcoves. It is worth developing one of them by inserting a corner into it. After proper lighting, you will get a wonderful and cozy resting corner.

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When arranging the living room, you need to think not only about the choice of lounge furniture, but also how it will be arranged. In smaller interiors, corner sofas combined with a sleeping function attached to the wall or placed under a window work well. In turn, owners of spacious and open apartments can arrange a spacious corner in the center of the room. These are just tips. Ultimately, be guided by your own vision and needs.