The victim of these actions was, for example, Michał Gruchalski, who had bought a Peter Johns engine from Tai Woffinden before the season. Equipment was supposed to be his hope for a good season, and in the end it turned out to be a huge problem and only made it difficult to race against the best eWinner 1 players. LŻ. This year, putting the player’s equipment up to the age of 24 was so difficult that the authorities of Zdunek Wybrzeże Gdańsk had to participate several times and thus provide him with better engines for the upcoming matches.

For example, Jacob Jamrog was one of the highway riders who loaned Gruchalski’s gear. The equipment was replaced only temporarily, when the 24-year-old had no fast engine at his disposal. Coastal activists did everything to help their highway rider, because they hoped that, thanks to the use of different equipment, he would be able to return to his normal level. In the end, nothing like that happened, and by the end of the season Gruchalski was by far the weakest player on his team. The highway racer was only happy that Drew Kemp and Alexandre Cagbuszio, who were fighting him for a place, were weaker. Otherwise, former highway racer Unia Tarnów would have a much lower chance of riding the league.

The impact was weak anyway, because Gruchalski averaged just 1.136 points/runs, and next season he will have even bigger problems. The highway racer had big problems finding a new employer and finally decided to play the role of the waiter in Orle Łódź. One can only guess that after another bad season, finances look even worse, and therefore, he will not be able to completely rebuild the hardware base.

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