Ukraine, like many countries in Europe, is struggling with a high transmission intensity (Virus) And I would say that the situation is very serious, ” Habicht emphasized in response to PAP questions.

Head of the WHO Ukrainian office: We will save lives

As indicated, World Health Organization He encouraged the Ukrainian authorities to improve contact tracing, as it is the most important factor in breaking the chain of infection. “We go into life mode. We need to save as many people as possible while keeping life going, the economy going and schools goingHe continued.

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He noted that there are many issues that must be taken into account, such as epidemic fatigue while waiting for a vaccine.

People are tired of the measures being taken during this prolonged crisis, but on the other hand, our individual actions are helping to fight the epidemic.

– The head of the WHO office added. He appealed: “Health workers should not be allowed to become overwhelmed.”

When asked how many tests have been performed (in December laboratories performed around 40,000 PCR tests per day, fewer tests are currently being conducted), he said that Ukraine has “come a long way in increasing test potential”. “However, it is difficult to definitively say that all the injuries have been reported,” he said. He indicated the need to increase the number of examinations among suspected cases in Ukraine.

He noted that the Ukrainian healthcare system’s ability to treat severe cases is still limited. “In the past year, we have seen many examples of health professionals adjusting to work with a new virus, roughly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, under exceptional circumstances,” Habicht emphasized. “The main challenges differ from one hospital to another, but they include a shortage of medical staff, suboptimal infrastructure, and a heavy workload,” he said.

Restrictions in Ukraine

From January 8 to 24, Ukraine is subject to tougher restrictions to fight the epidemic. Expect that restaurants and cafes can only serve up ready customers, movie theaters, gyms, malls, Christmas markets, and most stores will be closed. Group events are prohibited. According to Habicht’s assessment, the impact of such measures on the epidemiological situation will depend on the level of commitment of the population to them and the commitment of authorities at the national and local levels to monitor their implementation.

He added, “We must try hard to keep health at the top of the political agenda,” expressing his hope that we will be in a better position in 2021. He pointed out that “such an epidemic usually lasts about two years, and the good news is that we are in the middle of it. Hope to develop other treatments and techniques. “

The head of the WHO office in Ukraine warned that “however, we must be very careful to avoid a worse situation in January and February that we can avoid.”

From the beginning Epidemic More than 1.1 million cases of SARS-CoV-2 have been confirmed in the country, and 20.2,000 people have died.

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Natalia Dzijurdsenska (PAP) from Kiev

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