According to the independent Belarusian news portal NEXTA, the name of the fallen soldier is Danny Machutkov. He came from the Republic of Tatarstan, located between the Volga and Kama rivers. The funeral of the 19-year-old was also held there.

A 19-year-old Russian soldier died. Vladimir Putin cheated on the Russians

Nexta confirmed that the presence of the 19-year-old among the Russian soldiers is evidence of Vladimir Putin’s lies. The Russian president assured his citizens that only trained and experienced army personnel would participate in the battles against the occupying country’s forces.

Despite Putin’s claim that they didn’t go to Ukraine for the conscripts, 19-year-old Dani Małołetkov was buried in Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan, Neksta tells Vladimir Putin.

A report on the funeral of a teenager was published on the Russian portal Among the people who took part in the last farewell was Military Commissar Andrzej Piczuszkin. He himself expressed his condolences to the father of the deceased, emphasizing that during the “special operation” (this is what the publicists call his invasion) he showed heroism.

Daniel Machuitkov wasn’t the only young soldier sent to fight in Ukraine. Ukrainian military personnel regularly post photos of the seized passports on social media – the rightful owners were often born in 2001 or even 2002.

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