in public the new chapter in history Toys EA is the time to remember the best moments in the series.

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This is the end of the FIFA series. We choose the best versions of the game. Remember the inner ball from FIFY 98? [TOPtech]


FIFA 99 is the version you’ve probably spent the most time on. The game introduced a number of novelties in the gameplay and graphics, although the players’ hands are still like loaves of bread. When it comes to engine The game, the role of the game in the air has been increased. Players can do amazing headshots, volleys, scissors, and even rolls.

FIFA 2003

FIFA 2003 focused on the dynamics and speed of the game, which is why many players consider it the most exciting and exciting game in the series. It also made an impression the new graphics engine. In terms of the audiovisual setup, we were dealing here with perhaps the biggest jump in quality compared to the previous part.


FIFA 14 is the first installment of the series to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One consoles. The greater computing power of these devices allowed a number of changes to the graphics and gameplay, for which the new Ignite engine was responsible.


FIFA 10 is still the best-rated part of the series on Metacritic, which by itself proves that we’re not into just any game. Great audiovisual setting, polished matching engine, amazing gameplay and plenty of online and offline game modes, including my favorite manager mode. Can you expect anything more from a football match?

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FIFA 98: The Road to the World Cup

If any part of the EA Sports series can be described as “cult”, then the name belongs to FIFIE 98. The introduction to the game itself, with an excellent song Song 2 performed by the British group Blur, made an impression. And only then it became better. FIFA 98 has taken full advantage of motion capture technology and a license agreement with FIFA.