• The 43-year-old Cheryl from the USA went with her friends on a short vacation to Greece. However, the trip was not without an unpleasant incident
  • Not only was one of her visits to a local restaurant a huge expense, but also a huge dose of stress
  • A tourist started wondering about the exorbitant bill she got for three courses. However, I soon discovered that there would be no benefit. “It was a very scary situation. Five guys surrounded us. They looked like gangsters.” Cheryl Lamfair complained in an interview with the Daily Mail
  • It turns out that this is not the first complaint about this place on the island of Mykonos
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Cheryl Lamfair, 43, of Seattle (United StateI hardly thought that a visit to a Greek restaurant would cost her a real fortune. As soon as she saw the bill, she grabbed her head. She decided to share her story with the portal “Daily Mail”. She did not stain the words. On top of that, I also mentioned that once I started questioning the surprisingly high bill, I was intimidated.

I went to a restaurant in Greece. When I got the bill, I grabbed her head

Cheryl Lamfair and her friends went on a short vacation to Greece. During their stay, they went to a restaurant in Mykonos. For a meal for three, she had to pay $1,640. zloty. what did you order? What have you ordered? A plate of calamari, lobster noodles, a salad and bread, and a bottle of champagne that her friend paid for on the spot. The American describes that the food was definitely not worth the astronomical amount and that the lobster was terrible.

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In an interview with the Daily Mail, a female tourist admitted that the service convinced her and her companions to try oysters, although the two women refused several times. However, the waiters were very stubborn. Moreover, they added larger portions to them.

Sheryl Lamfair complained in an interview with the Daily Mail.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

After all, the tourist got a huge bill. However, it did not end there. When she began to complain about the surprisingly high amount, she quickly surrounded restaurant staff dressed in black. In her opinion, it was supposed to be an attempt to intimidate her and force her to pay the bill.

The Daily Mail quotes the 43-year-old who eventually paid the bill and quickly left the restaurant.

It turns out that this isn’t the first complaint about this place. Moreover, on the popular TripAdvisor, it has nothing but bad reviews and most of them have 1 star each. Customers mainly complain about very high bills, which have nothing to do with the prices on the menu.

With these words the owner of the building responded to one of the negative reviews on the web. He wrote back to someone else:

source: “daily Mail”And the “the sun”


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